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Unchosen Knights Paintball

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Meeting for March 1st


Josh requested ACTUAL doughnuts instead of just munchkins J
Shock had family emergency - couldn’t make it
Chad, Julie and Reid made it on Shock-time
-March 7th event changed to May 9th
-Pistol Event - going to be moved from May to ? (don’t know the date yet) not sure what kind of pistol will be given yet either
-Normandy in June (Marc has the date for that one)
-Castle Conquest is in April and September - pre-registration is a must for this event
Reid has some ideas for building around the field - getting some pallates from local businesses - Victoria will check with P&F Cycles to see if they would be willing to donate some
The land we are using is owned by a local farmer. He is very pissed about our tire marks and the fact that some of our team members like to ‘spin out’ while leaving. PLEASE REFRAIN FROM SPINNING YOUR TIRES ON THE FIELD. Try and keep your speed under 10 mph.
We would like some help clearing out about 150-200 feet of brush for parking and filling in potholes on the driveway coming into the field.
We need about 4 volunteers to move shit around the field.
Christine volunteered to move shit
Brett volunteered to move fencing
We need to start clearing out the grass and smaller stumps in our playing area to give us a more level playing field.
Squad leaders are now responsible for calling the members of their squad when there are changes in the schedule and when we have issues with scheduling we should first contact our squad leader. If we can’t reach our squad leader, we then call the co-captain or captain.
We will be handing out phone lists and handbooks in the near future.
Reid wants to pull double duty - to be a member of the Saber and Sniper squad seeing as how his marker is more equipped to be for a sniper
-Marc and Josh both agree, just need to talk to Shock about it
Ideas for new games-
Domination - 3 refs, 3 teams, 3 stopwatches (more info at the next practice)
Trophies, Ribbons and Certificates -
Marc has list for this
I (Victoria) would like to nominate Chad for a Going Above and Beyond to Help a Team Member Out - he dug my car and whole driveway out (had 3 foot snow drifts in some places)
Marc will do stitching for the nameplates if anyone is interested.